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"Plastic Planet" - another side to the story

The 2009 film "Plastic Planet" from Director Werner Boote describes the production and the use of plastic in everyday life and makes some serious accusations concerning this extremely widely used material, and the industry that produces it.  

However the film only delivers a highly one-sided account of some very complex matters and, instead of engaging in a balanced rational debate, seeks to raise fear where it is not justified.

Contrary to the image portrayed in the film, the plastic industry in fact welcomes constructive dialogue and open exchange of opinion. Together with the scientific community, it is committed to making information about the plastics industry transparent and to informing the public about its products in an objective and comprehensive way so that there can be full and open discussion if there are genuine issues to address.

This web page has been set up for those who are interested in the issues raised in the film Plastic Planet to be able to find published information on the subjects covered more easily.